Sunday, October 4, 2009

This and That

1949 - The first AIR POLICE armband (brassard) was authorized on 11 February 1949. It was ultramarine blue with golden orange letters. (via John Cook)

1956 - The second issue arm band was available (gray letters on dark blue). (via John Cook)

1959 - June - SAC re-designated all "Air Police Squadrons" as "Combat Defense Squadrons". (via John Cook)

1966 - "Air Police" was changed to "Security Police" in November 1966. (Reference: AFM 125-3, Security Police Handbook, 30 September 1968). Primary AFSC was changed from 771XX to 81XXX. (via John Cook)

1977 - The Airman, Airman First Class, and Senior Airman stripes were changed to include a dark blue star, instead of a white star. This was done to distinguish a Senior Airman (E-4) from a Sergeant (E-4).

One received a promotion to Sergeant (E-4) after serving an appropriate period of time as a Senior Airman. This allowed the new E-4 to gain experience in-grade before taking on NCO duties. The two were the same pay grade, but the Sergeant rank carried NCO status.

Airman stripes ~ 1976
(scanned by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Airman First Class stripes ~ 1977 (take note of the dark blue star)
(scanned by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Senior Airman stripes ~ 1978 (take note of the dark blue star)
(scanned by Philip "J.P." Brown)

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