Friday, December 4, 2009


Colt Model 1911 .45 ~ 1941 to 1965

M-1 carbine with bayonet ~ 1941 to 1965
(photo courtesy of Dave Wagner)

Smith and Wesson Model 15 "Combat Masterpiece"
.38 Special Revolver ~ 1965 to 1980s

M-16 Marksmanship Training - 2005
TSgt Steven Halloway, 18th Logistics Readiness Squadron,Camp Atterbury, IN
(U.S. Army photo by Army Sgt Jeff Lowry)
Lee Ermey (USMC, Ret.) YouTube M14 vs. M16


M-9 Beretta 9mm semi-automatic pistol ~ 1980s to Present
(Official U.S. Army photo)
MidwayUSA YouTube Video

M-240B automatic rifle ~ 2000s
Amn Timothy Roberts, 97th SFS, Altus AFB, OK
(USAF photo by SrA Cherice Bryant)
Note: The weapon is incorrectly identified on the Altus AFB web site as an M-249 SAW.

M-4 Marksmanship Training - 2010
TSgt Antonio Frese, 628th Security Forces Squadron,Joint Base Charleston, SC
(USAF photo by James M. Bowman)


  1. In the photo above Amn Timothy Roberts is armed with a M-240B not M-249 SAW.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your correction.

    I confirmed your identification of the weapon via The Altus AFB web site has it incorrectly identified as the M-249 SAW, but in comparing the two, it's clear that the weapon is an M-240B.

    Feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" link above, since it's always great to hear from folks (whether you're an MP, AP, SP, SF, or civilian).

    Thanks again,

    J.P. Brown

  3. Edward "Nick" GarrettApril 28, 2012 at 6:10 AM

    I had carried M-1 Garand , while workign flight line security, 323rd AP SQ, Bunker Hill AFB
    (grissom) DEc '56 thru Aug '57, also with the security alert team, 363rd AP SQ, Shaw AFB Aug'57 thru March '58. You surely could use a good photo of a M-1 Garand here

  4. I carried the M-16 and .38 pistol at 323rd SPS at Mather AFB, CA

  5. The shotgun is missing! Don't remember what make and model it was but used them in Germany in the 80's.

  6. The M203 and M 79 also are missing.