Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lackland AFB and Camp Bullis

After Basic Training, training continues at Tech School. First at Lackland AFB, then at Camp Bullis.

Bexar County Map showing Lackland AFB and Camp Bullis
(Map via City of San Antonio)

Lackland AFB, TX - October 1963
Air Police Class 11093
(courtesy of Dr. James E. Griggers - 2nd row, far left)

Lackland AFB, TX - 2009
CMSgt of the Air Force James A. Roy fires the M-240B medium machine gun during the "Movement Over Urban Terrain" training, Security Forces Tech School
(USAF photo Joel Martinez)

Lackland AFB ~ 2000
Security Forces Tech School Dorms
(photo courtesy of Jon Brady)

Camp Bullis, TX - 2009
TSgt Eric Thomas, 343rd Training Squadron Instructor,
preps M-67 hand grenade training simulators
(USAF photo by Robbin Cresswell)

Camp Bullis, TX - 1968
Amn Varner and Amn Wagner
(photo courtesy of Dave Wagner)

Camp Bullis, TX - 2009
Live Practice at the Grenade Pit
(USAF photo by Robbin Cresswell)

Team 13 Camp Bullis Video -

Camp Bullis History

Camp Bullis was named for Brigadier General John Lapham Bullis who earned his reputation as a lieutenant leading the Seminole Negro scouts in clashes against hostile Indians during the Indian Wars in the 1870’s.

Camp Bullis ~ World War I Era

Camp Bullis was used for medical, combat, and security training throughout the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The Air Force Security Police Training Site, known as Victor Base, was built in 1977 and the Air Force was the largest single user of Camp Bullis until 1987. Since then, the Army has become the primary user of Camp Bullis as a military training site.

Camp Bullis is located at the far north end of Bexar County. It's about 20 miles from downtown San Antonio. Growth in the area has encroached to the edge of the camp, therefore a "Joint Land Use Study" was conducted to address how to maintain the camp and its missions, while accommodating growth in the area (click HERE to see the study).


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